Da Vinci Code at Chateau Vilette

Chateau Vilette is used in Dan Brown’s novel, The Da Vinci Code, as the setting for Langdon and Neveu’s first meeting together with Sir Leigh Teabing.

Chateau Vilette

Chapter 52 begins:
“The sprawling 185-acre estate of Chateau Vilette was located twenty-five minutes northwest of Paris in the environs of Versailles. Designed by Francois Mansart in 1668 for the Count of Aufflay, it was one of Paris’s most significant historical chateaux. Complete with two rectangular lakes and gardens designed by Le Notre, Chateau Vilette was more of a modest castle than a mansion. The estate had fondly become known as la Petite Versailles.”

The Da Vinci Code movie was shot on location at Chateau Vilette. It is owned by an American real estate broker and is hired out through French tourism agents such as Au Chateau and A Taste of France. The seventeen deluxe bedrooms were remodeled recently. As you can expect with 185 acres, there is plenty of room for guests to jog, ride bicycles, hunt, play tennis or relax in or around the swimming pool. The chateau is flanked by a chapel with adjoining reception room, as well as horse stables and a greenhouse.

The chateau has been the setting for fashion shoots and the Jaguar ‘Gorgeous’ automobile commercial. See my post at Duncan’s TV on the Jaguar Gorgeous ad.

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