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Da Vinci Code Movie Review

Warned by the critics not to expect too much, I turned up last night to watch the movie, The Da Vinci Code.


Almost full marks for use of paintings in the movie. Stand out scenes in this regard included the flight of Sauniere in the Louvre and the room used for the conference of clerics at Castel Gandolfo. I felt the use of visual effects in Teabing’s analysis of The Last Supper was overdone.

Introduction of Langdon as an alternative voice in Teabing’s analysis of the Holy Grail mysteries. Without Langdon’s protests, the dialogue would have come across as ill informed.


The constant flashbacks became rather irksome. The references to the memories of the characters were fine. The historical references, however, gave the movie the feel of a badly done television documentary. Some scenes were laughable, such as the Council of Nicaea portraying perhaps a hundred ornately dressed clergy all speaking at the same time. Were these the imaginings of Teabing – speculative and unbalanced? Isaac Newton’s funeral came across as something out of The Sixth Sense.


To keep the plot moving, conversations were abbreviated or conflated. Langdon came across as the expert while Neveu as the helpless damsel in distress. Their dialogue would have been enhanced by introducing more of her skills as a cryptologist. The addition of a faith element for Langdon was fascinating. Was Ron Howard attempting to make the film more accessible to an American audience? Langdon’s exploration of the human/divine element put into words what I had been thinking through the movie.

Understandably, the red Smart Car was changed to a lighter colour to allow for filming in night scenes.

The ending is slightly different, providing a focus on the feminine side of the story and downplaying the male connection.

Audience Reaction

At the end of the movie one woman clapped and cheered and yelled, “Nice one. Well done Ron!”. And that was it.

Sydney Anglican Cinema Ad

The Da Vinci Code movie arrives in cinemas later this week. In Sydney, Australia, the Anglican Church has been anticipating this moment through the screening of its own light hearted cinema advertisment.

Jesus reading The Da Vinci Code, raises his eyesThe 20 second ad begins with an adaptation of Da Vinci’s Last Supper. In Monty Python style the focus moves around the painting. On the left we have Dan Brown talking with two fellow guests. The voiceover asks, “Has the Church been lying for 2000 years?”. The camera moves to a lip sticked woman, sitting in the place of the ‘beloved disciple’. “Is this Mary? Did she bear Mary’s child?” On the right 0f Jesus we have Templar knights. “Has someone guarded this secret for centuries?” The view switches to Jesus, who is reading his own copy of The Da Vinci Code. “Is this all news to Jesus?” “Hmm?”, says Jesus. The tagline, “FIND THE TRUTH”, is connected with a web site,

Challenging Da Vinci version of Last Supper

I’ve written the story up at Duncan’s TV Ad Land, including links to downloads for the cinema ad.

Da Vinci Code Quest Walkthrough

Where I'm up to on the Da Vinci Code Quest

If you’re like me, and making your way through the Google Da Vinci Code Quest, you’d be looking for a few clues on how to work out the names of symbols, places and people referred to in the puzzles. I’ve listed here a few of the walkthrough web sites dedicated to sharing the experience fellow members of the quest.

Da Vinci Quest Answers by Chris Taylor

Matt Thornton’s Walk Through

Google Fact

Warped From the Pipe

D.A. Resler’s Da Vinci Code Quest Walkthrough – probably the most detailed help, linked with a blog

Student Rant’s Walkthrough